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New Jobs Report Shows a Very Strong Economy

The economy produced 313,000 jobs in February, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports,..

Where First-Time Home Buyers Catch a Break

First-time home buyers looking for an affordable home without much competition will have the..

Americans Save 7.6% of Salary on Average for Retirement, Survey Finds

A recent nationwide survey found that on average, adults direct 7.6% of their salary to their..

Kelley Blue Book Launches New Vehicle Pricing Tool

Vehicle valuation Kelley Blue Book is launching a new tool to help vehicle buyers obtain maximum..

Americans Spend $324,000 on Impulse Buys in Their Lifetime, Slickdeals Finds

A survey of 2,000 Americans about impulse spending found that respondents spend an average..

Switching Jobs

One sign of a strong economy is a large number of workers changing jobs. It shows that people..

Getting the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

Gym memberships are not cheap, so it’s important that you get the most out of yours. Lucky for..

Couples Spend an Average of $33,391 on Weddings, Survey Finds

In 2017, the average cost of a wedding was $33,391, with high spenders—those spending an average..

The 2018 Best 5-Year Cost to Own Vehicles

Negotiating a good price on a new car can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but..

More Americans Are Buying Groceries Online

Online grocery shopping continues to rise in popularity, according to a new survey from Unata, a..