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St. Mary's Credit Union Blog12 Amazing Holiday Shopping Tips You Can Use Today

12 Amazing Holiday Shopping Tips You Can Use Today

It’s time to start doing your holiday shopping, but holiday shopping on a budget can be tough. You want to make everyone happy this Christmas, but you don’t want to leave yourself with a mountain of holiday debt. Use these holiday shopping tips to learn how to save money as you shop for those you love.   

12 Amazing Holiday Shopping Tips You Can Use Today  Image

Tip #1 – Have a List 

One of the best holiday shopping tips is to have a list when you start your holiday shopping. Buying for everyone can lead to big holiday spending. Make a list of those you want to buy for and stick with it to avoid holiday overspending.   

Tip #2 – Nab Early Morning Deals on Black Friday 

If you’re doing your holiday shopping on a budget, head to the web on Black Friday. Many retailers offer the same deals online. You can log on right at 12:01 am and score great deals without having to worry about a local store running out of the deals you want. 

Tip #3 – Don’t Just Buy Because It’s a Special Deal 

It’s easy to simply buy items because they’re a great deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This adds up fast when you’re doing your holiday shopping. Buy items you know people will love – don’t just buy because it’s a great price. 

Tip #4 – Follow Retailers on Social Media 

Following favorite retailers on social media is another of the holiday shopping tips that can help you save. Many retailers offer exclusive deals and coupons to their followers. 

Tip #5 – Don’t Forget Cyber Monday 

Most people get caught up in what to buy on Black Friday and they forget about Cyber Monday. Shopping online already offers big savings, and many online retailers offer incredible deals on Cyber Monday. Get emails from favorite retailers for insider information on deals. 

Tip #6 – Use Online Price Comparison Tools 

If you’re shopping online, use price comparison tools, which many websites offer. This lets you check out prices from multiple sellers to ensure you get the best deal. It’s even possible to find online price comparison tools that compare prices among different retailers. 

Tip #7 – Make the Most of Shopping Apps 

Heading to physical stores? Make the most of shopping apps like ShopSavvy or RedLaser. These apps let you scan product barcodes to find out if other stores may have a better deal on that item. 

Tip #8 – Check into Price Matching 

Many stores offer price matching, which can save you money while cutting down the list of stores you need to hit. Check price-matching policies ahead of time to make sure you get the deal. 

Tip #9 – Do Your Research Online Before You Buy 

If you’re wondering how to save money this year, make sure you do your research online before you buy gifts. Check out online review of products to decide if they’re worth the price. Consider going with last year’s products if they offer the same value as newer models. 

Tip #10 – Skip the Shipping Costs 

Shipping fees add up, so make sure you skip the shipping costs when you do holiday shopping online. Many retailers offer free shipping as a holiday promotion, or you can use site-to-store shipping to save big on shipping fees. 

Tip #11 – Pool Your Resources 

If you want to purchase a more expensive gift for a family member, consider pooling your resources with other members of the family. It’s a great way to curb holiday spending and save some money. 

Tip #12 – Use Your St. Mary’s Card for Low Interest 

Making purchases with the right credit card can result in big savings when you’re doing your holiday shopping. Interest adds up quickly if you’re buying with a credit card, and your St. Mary’s card will offer the lowest interest rates so you can save money and maximize your holiday budget.  

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