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St. Mary's Credit Union Blog5 Reasons the Holidays Are a Good Time to Get Organized

5 Reasons the Holidays Are a Good Time to Get Organized

5 Reasons the Holidays Are a Good Time to Get Organized - Image

The holiday season is all about spending time with family and friends, making merry, and putting special memories away to warm you later in life. When you look back on the holidays of your lifetime, you want to remember times of joy and happiness – not seasons of stress, anxiety, and disorganized chaos. The main reason the holidays are a good time to get organized is so that you are able to fully enjoy the season's festivities. The following five are pretty good reasons, too:

  1. Less Stress - Minimizing stress is the number one reason to get organized during the holiday season. Everyone's schedules fill up between Halloween and New Year's with children's events, dinners, celebrations, work functions, and shopping – all while the responsibilities of everyday life continue as usual. Tackling projects you have been putting off and keeping a well-organized schedule will help you manage all of the extra obligations and festivities that take place during the holidays. 
  2. Longer To Do Lists - With generally more to get done – gift shopping, grocery shopping, baking, cooking, hosting, traveling, etc. – managing your time during the holidays is essential to making sure you have a happy and merry season, as well as all of the people who depend on you. 
  3. Hosting - A disorganized host is an unhappy host. Staying on top of housework throughout the season will ensure you only have minimal work left to do before the dinner or party you are hosting. If you have trouble remembering to tackle chores, make yourself a weekly and daily chore schedule which fits your housekeeping demands. By doing a little every day, your house will seem to stay neat and tidy all on its own. So, when it comes time for your event, you will have time to focus on taking out the special china, putting up decorations, serving delicious food and drinks, and being a gracious, welcoming host. 
  4. Traveling - Whether alone or with family in tow, traveling during the holidays is particularly hectic. Make a packing list for each traveler well before your date of departure to ensure you have everything you need, without packing multiples (We brought three hairdryers but forgot the toothpaste.). Making a list before you are scheduled to leave will give you enough time to pick up any items missing from your packing list, so when you arrive at your destination you can simply enjoy being there. 
  5. Budgeting - The season adds a plethora expenses, which makes financially disorganized people feel frazzled and overwhelmed, preventing them from enjoying the festivities. Organize your finances by determining an affordable amount to spend on gifts, while also making room in your holiday budget for additional expenses such as dinners, parties, or travel expenses. 

However you plan to spend the holidays – at home, visiting friends and families in another city, or on a tropical vacation – be sure to spend a little time getting organized before the main events to ensure you enjoy a happy, carefree holiday. 

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