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St. Mary's Credit Union BlogDoes Your Closet Need Help from a Professional Organizer? [Quick Quiz]

Does Your Closet Need Help from a Professional Organizer? [Quick Quiz]


We have all been there: shoes in a dirty pile on the floor, a hanging tangle of clothes (some of which do not even fit, are unworn, are out of season, or went out of style decades ago), storage bins crushing handbags, and a snarl of belts and scarves. Even the neatest, most organized people sometimes let their closet spaces get out of control. Take this mini quiz to find out if you need a professional organizer to transform your closet. 

  1. Do you frequently lose items?
  2. Do you end up purchasing multiples of these said lost items? 
  3. Do you tend to feel as if you have nothing to wear, even though your closet is bursting at its seams?
  4. Do you own items you no longer love, use, or need (a size too big, too small, too long, too short, worn, unfashionable, an unflattering color)?
  5. Do you use more than one type of hanger (because you should only be using these)?
  6. Do you utilize the spaces beneath and above the bar on which you hang clothes?
  7. Do you have items you have not used in more than a year?
  8. Do you have items waiting to be mended, which you will likely never mend?
  9. Do you dress with clothes from the laundry basket more often than clothes from your closet?
  10. Do you dread putting away clean laundry because fitting everything in your space feels more challenging than playing a game of Tetris at expert level?

If you answered yes to one or several of these questions, then assistance from a professional organizer could help you cultivate a tidy closet and a calmer, less-harried life (especially in the mornings).

Before taking on professional help, however, you can attempt to deal with some of the mess on your own. Consider these tips for successful organizing:

  • Start small so that large tasks are not overwhelming. For you, this might mean sorting through your belts one day and organizing your sock drawer the next. 
  • Allow yourself a little sentimentality, but limit the space you are willing to give it. Perhaps, only one or two boxes dedicated to storing keepsakes. If you have a hard time giving up mementos from the past, re-purpose them. 
  • Donate items you have not worn in a year and anything you do not absolutely love or need.
  • If you have two similar pairs of jeans, and one fits better, donate the less-attractive pair; with a better pair available, you'll never wear them.
  • Move seasonal items to the back of your closet, less accessible locations, or into storage (if you have the space). This makes it easier to find the clothes you want to wear each day because you don't have to sift through items that are out of season anyway.  

Whether you decide to hire a professional organizer right away or try to tackle some of your closet tangle on your own first, taking small steps to straighten out your space will help you reduce stress in the long run and actually enjoy the things you own.

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