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St. Mary's Credit Union BlogNeed Help Holiday Shopping on a Budget?

Need Help Holiday Shopping on a Budget?

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The holiday season is around the corner and with it comes the revered gifting atmosphere. Holidays are enjoyed when there is some love being shown to relatives, friends, partners and even colleagues. And what better way to do so than with gifts? However, many people forget the value of gifts and end up assuming that the bigger or more expensive a present is, the more valuable it is to the person being gifted. Most of the time, this is not the case.

Instead of squandering your savings on extravagant gifts during holiday shopping, here are some vital holiday shopping tips on how to do holiday shopping on a budget.

  1. Plan Early

You need start planning about your holiday shopping early enough so that you can do the budgeting you need right. Most people find themselves holiday overspending because they just didn’t plan well for it. What more, the earlier you do your holiday shopping, the more the time you have to be picky. You will be able to compare prices and explore the many alternatives available. Shopping early also helps you to avoid last-minute panic purchases that can blow up your holiday spending budget.

  1. Prioritize your gifts listholiday shopping on a budget - list image

You may want to gift many people this holiday season, but if you are doing your holiday shopping on a budget, it’s wise to work around prioritizing your gift list. Consider who your first priority on the list is and work backward. Make a list of the potential gifts to each person and keep track of their prices.

  1. Avoid impulse buying

If you don’t have the luxury of shopping big during the holiday, avoid this vice at all costs. It’s easy to get carried away by the holiday spirit when everything in the malls looks eye-catching and most of the items are discounted. You will be tempted to buy something else outside your gift list, and although this is isn’t bad at all, it can spoil your holiday shopping when on a budget.

  1. Opt for digital gifts

If you want a trick on how to save money while holiday shopping, this is it! With today’s digital age, you can send greeting cards and monetary gifts from the comfort of your home just by the click or tough of a button. This saves you the time and money to go from store to store searching for gifts which can be costly when on a budget because of gas money. Websites such as E-Gift Cards and the Gift Card Lab offer you plenty of choices for electronic gift cards. Others such as the American Greetings and Blue Mountain even offer you options to buy and customize your holiday greeting cards. These sites also have plenty of gift options at very affordable prices.

  1. Eliminate any superfluous expenses

Not every holiday gift requires some expensive wrapping or bow around it. The extra embellishments that accompany gifts tend to blow your budget out of proportion, while you can simply streamline your gift wrapping and save big on extra costs. Afterall, most of these wrappings end up in the trash can.

  1. Search for the hidden Amazon discounts

Amazon is without a doubt a great place to shop for your holiday gifts. Money Saving Expert notes that there plenty of discounts on holiday gifts sold by the online retail giant, but they are only for those who know where to look! Want to be among them? Get to the Amazon Discount Finder tool to hunt for discounted gifts and save up to 80% on some items. You can search for what to buy on black Friday, Christmas, July Fourth, Memorial Day Weekend, and more.

All these holiday shopping tips and holiday shopping tricks are guaranteed to give you a great holiday gifting experience even while on a budget.

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