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St. Mary's Credit Union BlogOnly a Few Hours to Shop? Follow These Back to School Shopping Tips

Only a Few Hours to Shop? Follow These Back to School Shopping Tips

Only a Few Hours to Shop? Follow these Back to School Shopping Tips


Summer days pass quickly, and now it's time to head back inside those hallowed halls of learning to seek yet another year of knowledge. What's that? Back to school snuck up on you this year? Well, fear not because you're far from alone. Even the most organized student has a tendency to become distracted when faced with miles of sun-kissed beaches and endless family barbecues. Luckily, we have you covered with our list of convenient back to school shopping tips that make shopping in a pinch a lot less painful. Get it done, and quickly, when you try these savvy shortcuts. 

1. Find and Print the List

Someone, somewhere has compiled a list of back-to-school supplies that's geared specifically toward your classes. If you're going back to public or private high school, check your school's website or contact the office. If you're heading back to college, look through the information you received in your admissions packet, or cruise the school catalog. There should be some allusion to what you'll need to bring with you that first day. If you don't find what you need there, check out our helpful school supplies checklist.  For high school, you'll likely need notebooks, binders and pens. For college, you'll want to make sure you've purchased the right text- and workbooks. And don't forget to locate a sturdy book bag or backpack to keep it all together. 

2. Head to the Super-Store

You're in a pinch, and this is not the time to comparison shop. Your best battle plan now is simply to head to the one store that keeps everything you need in stock. For most towns, this means a super-store or super-center where you can buy everything from your backpack to your mini fridge if needed. Have your list handy, and take time to look it over closely before you go in, so you have at least some idea where to start.

3. Go in the Off-Hours

Waiting for the last day to do your back-to-school shopping isn't exactly a crisis, but it can get pretty rough if you head out to the store during peak hours on a Friday night. If possible, go early in the morning or very late at night, and exclude all the weekend days. This will give you more time and space to look at what's left without getting elbowed, crowded or bumped by shopping carts. And if it's clothing you need, try to schedule your shopping trip on a  Thursday night. This is typically when stores do major markdowns in preparation for weekend shoppers. 

4. Enlist Helpers

School shopping in a crunch is a perfect opportunity to put the siblings to good use. Print several copies of your back-to-school list, and give each friend or family member their own copy with one section of supplies highlighted. They'll look only for the items they're assigned, and that will help you get everything you need without accidentally buying multiples. It'll get you in and out much faster, as well. 

Falling behind on the school shopping isn't the end of the world, but it can be quite the inconvenience. Help take the terror out of last-minute prep by using our back to school shopping tips that make life on the go much easier to navigate.

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