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Couples Will Spend Two Years' Worth of Rent to Pay for their Wedding

Let this sink in: The average cost of a wedding was $36,000 in 2017. According to apartment and..

Live with a Roommate and Save Big

U.S. renters will save about $661 a month on rent if they move in with a roommate, according to..

Majority of Adults Have Less than $5,000 in Savings, Survey Finds

The majority of adults have less than $5,000 in savings, according to survey results from PenFed..

Organize Your Finances - Expert Advice from a Professional Organizer

Similar to cleaning out a long-neglected garage, basement, or storage unit, organizing your..

Is It Really That Hard to Get Organized? 3 Ways to Get Started Now!

Is It Really That Hard to Get Organized? 3 Ways to Get Started Now!

Do your keys or glasses..

Consumer Confidence: Will You Make a “Big Ticket” Purchase This Year?

Nearly half of Americans (49%) indicate they are very likely to make a considerable purchase –..

10 Back to School Shopping Tips for Every Budget

Well, it’s the joy of every parent when kids are going back to school or joining college...

To Save or to Spend?

Millennials are caught in a tug-of-war between their long-term financial aspirations and the..

Millennial Spending Habits Differ From Older Generations

Millennials are spending their money differently than older generations on things like..

Spending Habits of Millennials

Millennials lived through the Great Recession, but now they’re developing some spendy habits,..

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