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Paying Down Credit Card Debt

The average household that use credit cards owes more than $16,000 on them, according to a new..

Do You Have a Holiday Spending Hangover? [7 Ways to Feel Better]

It happens every year -- Enticing sales and the spirit of giving get the better of you, and..

Credit Card Tips: Top 10 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in College

Getting your own credit card is a heady experience for most college students - it's one big..

Millennials Still Like Credit Cards, According to FICO

Millennials are gaining fame as a relatively credit-shy generation. Coming of age in the..

Would You Buy a Car With a Credit Card?

Would You Buy a Car With a Credit Card?

Credit cards are handy, but buying big-ticket items..

Credit Card Debt vs. Emergency Savings

Credit card debt that seems safe and manageable can become an untenable burden once we’re hit..

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