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Five Tips for Homeowners to Prevent Home Flooding Disasters

North Carolina plumbing company Four Seasons Plumbing is offering strategies to prevent home and..

Alexa Moves into Your Fridge

Alexa, the Amazon-developed virtual assistant, will now be interacting with many home appliances.

Homeowners Can Pay Nearly $9,500 per Year in Hidden Costs, Zillow Finds

Homeowners can expect to spend about $9,390 every year on costs associated with owning and..

Single-Family Home Property Taxes Rose by 6 Percent Last Year

Property taxes levied on single family homes in 2017 totaled $293.4 billion, up 6 percent..

Many Americans “Overconfident and Underprepared” for Home Fires

According to a new survey by the American Red Cross, many people overestimate their ability to..

The High Price of Selling a House

U.S. homeowners spend $18,342 on average to sell their home, according to online real estate..

Does Your Closet Need Help from a Professional Organizer? [Quick Quiz]

We have all been there: shoes in a dirty pile on the floor, a hanging tangle of clothes (some of..

Want a Better Organized Home? Let Us Help!

When your home is disorganized, you likely feel a bit frazzled in all other aspects of your life..

10 Expert Tips for Maintaining an Organized Home at the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year. During this time,..

Home Sweet Investment

Eighty four percent of Americans see homeownership as a good investment, according to new..

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