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Millennial Homebuyers are Driving Faster Home Sales

The home search specialists at Realtor.com have announced their fourth annual list of the..

Generation Z Will Pay $226,000 in Rent in their Lifetime, According to HotPads

Generation Z can expect to spend $226,000 on inflation-adjusted rent in their lifetime --..

For Many Homebuyers, the Pickings Are Slim

There are almost 9 percent fewer homes on the market than a year ago, and the majority of those..

Homes Sold Faster than Ever in 2017, According to Zillow

It took 81 days to sell the median U.S. home in 2017, nine days faster than the year prior,..

Home Buying: Less Choice and Higher Prices this Spring

Homebuyers Will Have Less Choice and Pay More this Spring, According to Nationwide Report


Existing-Home Sales Keep Setting Records

High prices and low inventory haven’t prevented homebuyers from closing on a record number of..

Home Prices Jump in Second Quarter of 2017

Home Prices Jump 6.2 Percent in Second Quarter; Eclipse 2016 High

Home prices jumped by a..

U.S. Home Sellers Realized Highest Average Price Gain in 10 Years

U.S. homeowners who sold in the second quarter of this year realized an average price gain..

Bankrate: Real Estate is Americans' Favorite Long-Term Investment

Real estate is Americans' favorite long-term investment, according to a new Bankrate.com report.

Home Staging Decreases Time on Market

Sixty-two percent of sellers' agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home..

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