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Renting is Cheaper in The Short-Term, More Expensive in The Long-Term

Renting A Home More Affordable Than Buying in 59% of U.S. Housing Markets, According to ATTOM..

Renters Insurance – Fact and Fiction

With more than 43 million renter-occupied units, the number of renters in the U.S. is near an..

How to Save Money with a New Apartment

With rents increasing across the country, from Los Angeles at 3% in to Atlanta at 4.7%, renters..

Rent Prices for Two and Three-Bedroom Homes Rising the Fastest, Hotpads Finds

Monthly rent for two and three-bedroom homes are appreciating 2.8 percent annually, which is..

Rent Appreciating at a Faster Rate this Year than Last

Median rent is appreciating more quickly this spring than last in 27 of the 35 largest U.S..

Couples Will Spend Two Years' Worth of Rent to Pay for their Wedding

Let this sink in: The average cost of a wedding was $36,000 in 2017. According to apartment and..

Generation Z Will Pay $226,000 in Rent in their Lifetime, According to HotPads

Generation Z can expect to spend $226,000 on inflation-adjusted rent in their lifetime --..

Live with a Roommate and Save Big

U.S. renters will save about $661 a month on rent if they move in with a roommate, according to..

Here’s One Reason Rents Keep Rising

The supply of single-family rental homes has not kept up with high demand, driving up rents,..

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